Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank You Temp Staffs

Photobucket So majority of my big roadshows are over and i started issuing my temp staff their pay cheque. Instead of just having a piece of paper/cheque, i decided to make them a card. Something easy to replicate and versatile enough. The butterflies are for the females staff while the typewriter image shown below are for the male staff. Photobucket Photobucket For the females, i used alpha stickers to form their name. Photobucket And for the guys, i formed "thank you" because their names are written in the front. There were just lots of stamping and inking to do.

Anyway, one long weekend has pass. How i wish it was a longer one, like thur, fri PH. haha.. So greedy of me. =p

However, it was a well spent weekend. Lots of scrapping, sleeping and watching of tv. =p



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