Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Loved

Met my Darling Boy for dinner just now and we decided to skip movie after that because i was feeling too tired. We walked around and as usual, whenever i see Elmo, i will walk into the store to play with it for awhile. Today i saw a very very cute elmo! Everytime when you press on it's tummy, it will sing a note of twinkle twinkle little star. hahaha! Super cute. However, i was telling my bf that it would be so troublesome for me whenever i wanna open its mouth. lol! I still miss the one that i saw at Orchard Central that time...... He came over my place and gave me a foot massage! It felt soooooooo shiok! Totally felt recharged after that. It kinda felt like he "shaped" my feet back after i have worn heels the whole day. How should i describe......? It was like my feet felt like a pancake and he molded it back to "round" LOL. Anyway, i feel so loved because i had a stinky feet. =X Thank you bf.


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