Thursday, May 13, 2010

Work @ Dallas

Hello everyone! Life's been study, slack, study and work PLUS procrastinate. haha! I'm good at that especially when it comes to blogging and exam periods.

Finished my exams recently and thank God, i managed to quickly find a job with an attractive pay! Working at Boat Quay Dallas Bar & Restaurant and its a very nice place to dine in! I am glad that i can know more about alcohols and western food. plus their "fine dining" at level 2 is comfy max! The food is western fushion and their names are a bitch to remember. Not forgetting their pronunciation. -.-"

I saw a few fascinating things, such as the "sponge" used to wash the glasses. And then i went to 7-11 to buy cigarettes for customers a few times, and i manage to get tipped ones! Although its only $2 worth, but its my first time being tipped! =D And the restaurant plays very nice English songs, including R&B. no more those sleepy Japanese songs. haha.. The whole working style is causal and friendly.

Anyway, thanks R for the job. Now we are finally working together at the same place!

Other working, i've been hooked onto gaming. Allods to be specific. Quest game, somewhat like WOW. and there are great friends with play with. So i'm not bored when i roam around the map.

Shall post random photos of birthday celebrations i have had the past few months when i'm back again!


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