Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cabana Sunrise Terrace

Did showflat duty last saturday at Cabana Sunrise Terrace. Its a clustered terrace somewhere in Yio Chu Kang and its totally lovely. Apart from the location, everything else seems fine to me. Yet on sat, there were so little walk-ins. Was it the rain?

Let me show you a few pretty photos i got from the web.
Clustered means all terrace built together sharing common facilities. Somewhat like Condominium concept but terrace housing. Seriously, i don't mind sharing lar cause if i buy the unit beside the pool, it will be just outside my balcony!

This terrace house has a basement that consist of 2 parking lot of your own, guest room, toilet and another room that i think its used for drying your clothes. Ye know, heater room or something? Totally no need to fight for the sun. And then it is 3 storey high plus a rooftop!! MELTS! Rooftop jacuzzi sounds good, right?

Iyah.. say so much also no money to buy. Only can dream and drool on it.


What r the charges for using the pool n other shared amenities ? I suspect it's cheaper to swim in the public pool, right ?

Of course it is cheaper to swim in a public pool.

I am not sure of the charges. But it'll most probably be around the same or more expensive than condominium prices.

The pool and share amenities is shared within the residences of cabana. =)

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