Monday, March 9, 2009

empty room, lonely house

Its in the middle of the early Monday morning.
No more work, so can sleep late.
But i spent the past 3 hours packing.

Isaac dropped by Shanghai and we met up.
Thanks for all the help in packing my boxes. HAHA! Shipping 4 boxes back to SG. That includes gift inside. It was super last minute that i decided to ship the gifts back too. Cause some are too heavy and my 3 packs of clothes couldn't go into 2 boxes. =/

On 8th March, which is Sunday.

3 things i want to note:

1. Happy Birthday Dad. I didn't call back because my hp value doesn't have enough to last, so i hope someone (e.g kor or jie) is reading this and they will past my lovely wish to you. =)

2. Dorcas, Yvonne and Gary left. Shibin left on Sat. Within a weekend, 4 left. Its seriously very emotional although we have plans to meet up in makan place in less than a month time. *Sighs* Feels real weird. Yesterday they were staying over at my place, now they are chatting with me on msn in Singapore.

3. Isaac left for Singapore on Sunday night. Sent him off although i got a very bad diarrhea. I have no idea what the hell i ate again, but the sharp pain in my stomach is real bad. =(

Last night i had 7 people in my house. Tonight there is only i and yongcheng left. Sigh.

If i can list the number of things i miss right now, it would make up to about 10. Full of emotions even though there was a warning sign hung there saying "Don't get use to it".

Nights everyone.


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