Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've got the best

Happy New (牛) Year
*Picture taken in Nanjing*

I am working on a Sunday because it is stated so in the China calendar. Actually it isn't that bad. Because there are only 7 (inc me) in the office! HAHA! We are all chatting and eating chinese new year cookies.

The door bell rings and i see Singpost Parcel in the Mr.Postman hands! YEAPS! Another VERY HEAVY box from my sister!

YES, i've got the Best Sister. And everyone is so jealous of me now esp the interns from Singapore.

Figured that the box really contain too much goodies, of which MOSTLY are my favorite and it will all cause a great amount of damage to my throat. *AH HEM*


The Pineapple Tarts are nice. Not sticky to my teeth and they are not very sweet/sour. Hee. Happy Happy.

Shared my little goodies with my colleagues because these are too much for me.

P/S: I just came back from another Roadtrip in Beijing and it is so fun there. I didn't even complete all the attractions. Shall head there next time again!


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