Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Counting down

I am counting down to a number of things.

And the first on the list would be the submission of final report this friday at 5pm. Submit and i will be as free as a bird already!

I have about a month left before i head back to SG and i have to admit that this 6months here have broaden my VIEWS. Misses to all my friends especially yingxuan because i always laugh or smile when i read her blog.

Some random photos taken out from my Beijing trip!

Standing on the Summer Palace Lake that turned into one thick pile of ICE.

Gary dozed off within 5mins after sitting down in the train

The famous Great Wall

We mischievously climbed into the gigantic JAR in the Summer Palace which later led to a security guard scolding us. HAHA. not really scold lar. Just, ye know, NAG.

It got me thinking that i might have been always sending wrong signals. But i hope this time i get the signal correct.


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