Sunday, August 3, 2008

the big big screen

Caught The Mummy 3 on Friday night.

As usual, midnight movie with the volleyball peeps. Zuoting, YingXuan and Benedick. The movie wasn't very fantastic. Er... so-so. storyline expected and nothing WOW though. X'cpect that i kept saying bones VS stones, stones win what.

And as usual, the stay over at Yingxuan's place. Got real bored before our sleep so we took Taboo to play. LOL. Loads of hilarious stuff happen after that.. Seriously, zuoting is like the xiao di di to us. =p

Sneak outta her house the next morning and got home to bathe then went out again. LONG LONG saturday. Shall talk about it when i have the mood for the photos. =/

Anyway, Saturday afternoon, i caught Money No Enough 2 with my secondary school friends.

And the funniest thing was that yingxuan, ben, zuoting and yuting were sitting behind us. -_-||

I strongly recommend you to watch it. I laughed like a bitch and cried like a shit during the movie. nice nice.... touched the hearts of many singaporeans, addressing every issue that we have. Go catch it!


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