Sunday, June 1, 2008

scars and bruises

i went to work yesterday and upon coming out from the store room, i took a quick turn and banged my knee cap onto the edge of the shoe rack. the pain was short term, but see the bruise i got!

today looks worst and no one believe the edge of the rack did this to me =(

On a happier note, i had supper with the staff and some ex-staff too. they came down from other outlets to join us. =)

The head of chef treated us and we all cabbed home after which.

Just in case you guys want to know as well, the bag came from: Cassis Room
She does very frequent updates on her bag and she stays at the block infront of mine! So i met up with her to collect the lovely bag. And if you're finding mine, im sorry but its no longer on the site.. =)


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