Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hanging out

Sunday was 1st June and i've gotta say
Its been great getting to play vball with you again. haha.. oh yah~ forgot to thank you for that pack of kitkat. I think i only ate 2 so far. Its so many to finish. Its my energy bar for this period of time. =)

Finally, after so many years, i manage to celebrate this day with you. Every year i'm so busy to even attend a simple dinner. sorry sorry.
Anyway, photos are not with me yet. But we went for dinner and KBox. And poor us, dawn was a torture. lol.

2nd June - Monday had project meeting. This time is alittle different. I met them at KAP's cold storage and we stood in front of the detergent rack thinking of our creative brief for the friday submission. Our class got a very gay product - which is VANISH in-wash liquid. Finally we consulted Adrian again and he was so impressed that we are all out to get an A! Hoho... i'm so happy larhs.

3rd June - Stayed home and very obediently did VANISH's A4 printed Advertisement.. Another emotional ride day. But i'm glad my phone rang in response.
Finally decided to head out and meet the clique to see Jian Ming and Vincent's match at Hougang stadium. yea! they won with a close fight during the first set. But really nice play. =)
Headed down to Serangoon Gardens for supper and then headed home le.

Hmm.. i really wanted to stay low today. But it pretty much came too sudden from your mouths and my mouth. I knew i wouldn't be able to handle that situation, so im sorry if i scared you guys.


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