Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All about him

I and Jamester were both busy last week. We met on random days and odd timings and in short periods. Had so much to talk about but were too tired to talk about it. Sigh.

Jamester became REAL CHEEKY on sunday. He knew i was working at Sushi Tei. So he happily told his parents to have dinner at ST. zzzZZ. Being real busy, i seriously made the effort to look out for their table's needs, but was too busy to attend to them personally. Nevertheless, i had my wonderful team of colleagues who made my "sway" day into an enjoyable night. LOL. They had the non-stop di-siao-ing of me. I was really pai seh to have his parents around. Feels being watch-ed. Hmm.. at least i was working hard! haha.

This week marks the last week of attachment and a new school term beginning. I cant wait to see Rainiee and Geok! But im reluctant to start school because ive got 3 days of 9am class! Zzzzzzz. Damn. And to think that i wont be able to see Jamester around, feels worst.

Anyway, he came over to stay last night again and he zoom into lalaland real soon. What a pig man. But im glad he bought dinner over for me. =)


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