Monday, February 11, 2008


This Chinese New Year isnt that exciting.
You know why?
Cause i didnt gamble, i didnt drink.

I DID play mahjong and daidee, but on Viwawa. =x
So all i did was....... viwawa and MOVIES!!!

Midnight show with Jamester, san san, Ivan and Junqiang.

If you're watching this show to see stephen chow, disappointing enough, there are more scenes on that little boy/girl than on him. BUT, i admit that i cried when the kid cried the hell out of himself. Lastly, that little toy is really irresistably cute!!! how i wish to have one that i can squeeze and cuddle to bed. LOL.

Caught this with Jamester at AMK hub.

Jay chou was really cute in the show! haha.. its very funny when you see him play tricks in court. although the skills he played was abit ridiculously lame and unbelieveable, but those are the parts that made the movie funny.

Caught this with jinhui, wenhong and chenwei.

Singapore's production.
You jus get in there and laugh your ass off with the hokkiens and cantonese jokes.

Not forgetting, his malaysian accent. good deal to watch it!


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