Wednesday, February 13, 2008

may the ants unite

Jamester left his ipod touch with me on sunday.
And he have been crying to sleep since then.

I figured that although i love the possession of it but i hate the laggy feeling more. He had got tons of weird programs running inside, for example "ANTS".

Let me show you...........

God knows why there should be ants crawling around on the screen but i realised that i could "squash" it to death when i press on it. Thus, making it disappear. But programmers are smarter, they coded in "RESPAWN". So its a never ending process. =(

Just as i was complaining to him that the Ants are freaking irritating (cause they disrupt and lag my game - lights off) he suggested that i should just off the application.

Thats when i found out something EVEN MORE FUN TO PLAY WITH! its called "maximum ants".
He had it 10....... so i added two more zeros behind.

Let me show you...........


It kinda gave me creepssssss. =/

Maybe i should change playing another game called - SQUASH THE ANTS! =)


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