Wednesday, January 9, 2008

no vball

When you beat around the word "busy" too much,
You start getting sick, bitchy, emo and lazy.
You start giving up gyming.
You start getting disconnected.
And finally, you wont have the passion anymore.

Its very very irritating to go for training and dont feel happy because of some people you see.
And when you're not deliberatly late, you are seen as late. Not everyone is as free as you seem. Its a pain to do things that you so-dont-want-to. It makes you feel like bitching about it.

Then you start searching for the meaning behind "training" and then you realise its just because of friends, so you are there.
And when your friends are too busy too, you start giving up on training.
You seek a better place in holland village with mum, which lands your butt in sushi tei once again.

Zero seven made me realise that ive got to be stronger and just display my front that "im not unhappy about you" Sorry, i wont smile at you anymore. I wont even help you guys out. What had happen the last time made me realise that you dont deserve it. You dont want to face the reality and starts beating around the bush.

Finally, im glad boyfr is good. He kept his promise, but i knocked out in bed. Sigh. I feel like yaking so much in front of him but my poor tearing throat. =(
Someone should cheer me up. Nono..... only the sight of boyfr can.

Bye everyone.

Lin You Jie - Bei Ying


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