Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Skin

LOL! Madey is finally back in this space!

Ive found myself a hacker sista. She went into my account w/o me knowing and changed my skin into such a beautiful one! oh my.. But the mean thing i hate is that...... YOU SHOULD AT LEAST LET ME HAVE MY LAST LOOK ON MY BLOG RIGHT? lols...

The worst is that, she didnt tell me she changed it. And i only know after i refresh my tagboard, wondering why siang said "nice skin"... i decided to refresh the whole page instead and got a shock seeing my photo on the skin! o.O im not trying to make u guys fall in love with my face..

oh oh oh!! this photo is taken on my 18th birthday! so this skin marks my 18th year of rantings.

Anyway, thanks dawnie. Love it. =D


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