Wednesday, November 21, 2007

bad day

First ever tuesday feeling so bad.
Had a minor flu in the morning. For the first time, i didnt enjoy my IEF lecture. the 2hours felt like eternity. i forgot to eat my breakfast thus i bought carrot cake and egg tart from canteen 3, but i can tell you this - it sucks! and for a moment, i miss canteen 1's food.

Wasnt in my right state of mind the entire day. skipped OM (since the teacher dont even take the attendence) and went into the library to use the computers. Do the usual stuff, shopped on sprees and my browser ended up loading ghost whisperer season 3. GOSH! i simply love melinda and jim.

Bf came into library to find me. for the first time he look so scary. face black like bao gong. cursing and swearing at his computer. and the unlucky thing was, my phone screwed up halfway and he didnt mange to call through and i couldnt receive a single sms.
the whole time i felt so bad cause i made him a little angry.
BUT we had our little talks and he Ghostwhisperer with me too.

sent him off to the bus stop and i went for training.

received our RED JERSEY le! as usual, no.11. =D

it started raining heavily after lights out and we went over to clementi for dinner. Tactics discussion till 11.30pm and we pretty much appointed ginmin as manager~ LOL.

im tired now... nose isnt performing well either.

Ginli and YS was talking about this game LocoRoco on psp. hahaha.. i went to their website. quite cute lehs!!

i miss boyfriend. and i believe our love is strong enough for everything that we're facing.


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