Saturday, June 9, 2007


After so long..
Im numb.
Im Immune.
No tears shed.

I knew the answer but i was waiting for you to open your mouth.
If meeting up was such a pain for you, you should not even have agreed.
Seriously, it doesnt affect me if i dont meet you and settle this.
You and I know the answer inside le.
Theres nothing much to add on further.

Walking this path of Single, i am happy to say that im more relaxed le.
Ive put down a burden and gained a friend instead.
And in return, i got closer with 4 friends and a girl thats so cute and hyper!
How-boy. What-boy. Leng. Rainiee. Cheryn.
Thanks for the nights.
Im amazed by the night views in Singapore!

A hug with no tears shed.


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