Monday, June 5, 2006

short entry

had lunch with dawn and jac.
talk alot.
bought a few stuffs.
was suppose to see yx too..
but she didnt come.
instead, we chat over the phone. just a short while, but talk about ALOT of things.

not having dinner with my mum again. F, exams... i really hate it. ytd couldnt go orchard. today cannot go with them to chinese restaurant for dinner. mum is leaving tomorrow for 3weeks. ARGHS! i hate it.. i wanna go for dinner too.. but its econs tml =(

suddenly thought of something..

some people dont cherish what they have. they havent even make the effort to change and they are saying they cant. if u really love the person, and u knw wad u are doing is wrong, u must change.
wait till u lose them, its too late le.
time wont wait for u.


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