Tuesday, June 13, 2006


this sucks man.. my Da Yi Ma came knocking on my door 2hours ago.. how great. -.-
tml is sentosa...
wkends is volleyball camp.

yahmei says i need to let station master know abt it, if not i will kanna the water bombs and water games.

this sucks lar.. by friday is still very bad lorhs...

even if tml cramp, i will crawl to sentosa just to see my dawn darling and volleyball peeps. see, im such a nice ger.

just now, dad brought me out to eat claypot rice. then i da bao chicken wing home. ltr going to snack on it le... hehehe..

arghs~ busy now.. too many ppl chatting with my on msn le.. i am abit lost in between the conversations le. wahahaha...

MSN --- WO LAI LE!!!


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