Friday, May 5, 2006

my life in school

havent been able to chat well on my msn at home. this totally sucks. i dont know what is happening to the router lor.. arghs. i really hate my net at home. i spent most of my net time in school liao.

i manage to write that report the next day. didnt hand-in in time. bluff the teacher say i dont know got such homework lor! haha..

i pretty love my class girls. they are great.. and not those turn-off types. the guys are cool too. just that i and another girl always "quarrel" with them! wahaha.. bo bian~ liddat then fun in class mahs. in my class, there is a turn-off person. in my cca, there is also one. gees! i'll just keep quiet when they speak about anything. sigh~ but im really happy to know these new group of friends. they are cool!

going to rent a locker in school !! yeah~ if not my bag will be freaking heavy on training days.

today's training is much fun and more PT. but this is sports cca mah.. bo bian.

after training went to the market and have dinner with yx, tiff, max, ray and nicholas. crap around and had our meals. it wasnt as bad as last week lor! last week was a FEAST! lols.. we had satays, prawn mee, wu xiang and chao kyaw tiao. lols.. but as usual, we drank sugar cane with LEMON! =D

going to do my work now. tata.. will blog out some pics soon. going to buy a new volleyball shoe le.


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