Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New stuff

Its monday... again ~~ and i had my monday blues at work. sucks. im thinking of finding a new job le.. but which job would give me such a flexible time!! -.-
then i had fever just an hour before i was suppose to knock off. felt terrible but had to meet dawn and her mum to buy my contact lens. so i just drop by chinatown to get some of my stuffs (e.g toner) then i went down queensway le. just as i reach there, dawn told me she is only at huayi bus stop there. kao... so i sat down at mac, staring into space. wanted to sleep, but cant cause im too afraid people would grab my things and go. >.<
after waiting for ages, dear dawn came. then we to the spectable shop.

not bad sia~ my eye sight only increase by 0.25 =P
bought 3 normal pairs of contact lens. then siao-dawn bought 4 pairs of colour contact lens. tempted by the good price sold, i bought one pair too... =)

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warm hazel. shall wear it next month.

then we started our barang barang shopping.

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bought this black bag which has this smooth material that i like it very much. its sheap too.. round off - 17 bucks.

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bought earrings. the black look-a-like one is metal earrings. its stainless steel lor. very expensive, so i bought one side nia, anyway, one side was 10bucks. believe it anot? -.-

after shopping so much, my fever went down by abit, although dawn said my arms were abit warm. but i think its just my lack of sleep. =/
last week already went to see the doctor le, but this week seems more shag.

recently, ive got alot of happenings at home.
firstly, my sister is going to get married in march.
then my mum got to go malacca for work in april for 4 "frecking" months, that means she will only be back in july. but good thing is she can come back during weekends. actually, she is only suppose to go for a month de.. but HOW CAN LIKE THAT?!!!!
then my brother is going on mission trip to Japan in june for "frecking" 29 days. what the hell.. HOW CAN LIKE THAT?!!!!
that also = to i would be alone with my dad at home in the month june. =(
oh- please bear in mind, my dad works night shift. what the hell... HOW CAN LIKE THAT?!!!!
anyway, i would rather be alone at home than go over to my grands house to stay =X
ARHS! another thing, by june, my maid wont be around le. GOSH, that leaves me with housework and no food. *hmmmm*


random pictures.

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my comfy bed. actually, this pic is to show my new bedsheet cover. lols.

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my new top i bought that day.

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my sister bought this pair of lovely earring for me.

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this is 0.93G diamond earring. damn. very expensive - to me. but its a present from she and her bf for my good results =)

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the day before valentines, i drag dawn down to tampiness mall to buy something. then she drag me to do this~~!!

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her childhood days - not mine.

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my product!

Image hosting by Photobucket
and hers!

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i took alot of self-love image that day (11feb) then i was too lazy to post. so i shall do it one by one bahs. =P
*pisst* Anson: dont be jealous. lols.


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