Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Lately blog no pictures cause my hp camera keep taking very blur pictures out. Due to the surrounding lighting, ive gotta try alot of timess, before i get pretty clear shots.
anyway, as usual, im back at work for today after having a leave of 3 days (sat,sun,mon) slept alot lor!

today after dragging my feet home (so long haben wake up so early), i was SO looking forward to sleep. BUT, my block having renovation, and they are remaking the floor. knn.. lao niang cant sleep cause they kept drilling.
BUDDEN, lao niang so tired from 4.30 slept till 9.30 lar.. so not much lost.
had a very weird dream they i thought really happened in my real life.
i dreamt that i was on the way to work, then as i went up the escalator, i fainted and landed on my face as the escalator reached the top. actually not really faint lar, just that my legs fell numb and i was so weak, but i can still see and hear my surroundings lor.
THEN came the funny part, i dreamt that BOSS actually carry me up to the shop and waited for the ambulance. cause everyone was thinking to call ambulance anot mahs. then in my dreams, i just decided to fall into unconsiouness as BOSS carried me up. after i woke up in my dreams, i saw the paramedics taking my temperature and it kept movin from the range of 39-41 degree non-stop. wahahaha! siao liao.. dont know what happen sia...
BUT after all this creepy things that happened, DEAR in real-life called my hp. so i woke up and pick it up.
but the part on i faint really felt so real and weak that i thought i really had fainted in real-life sia.

anyway, pictures time.

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i felt so bored that day with dawn, so she decided to take a pic of me lazing at the back of the shop. =/
im so sleepy~~~~

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on sunday, i and dear dear went out to watch King Kong.
took 502 to orchard. then i forgot to tap my Ez-link when i got down. wah lau.. xin tong lehs.. so expensive!!

we walked to Cine hoping to catch the movie, but it was selling fast and only left the front 2 rows, so we decided to walk down to PS instead to try our luck. on the way, we ate nachos, ice cream, susage, egg tofu and drank groovy grape. wah seh.. counted eat alot le.. cause usually we wont walk and eat de.. =X
anyway, fater reaching PS, we got the same outcome as Cine.

SO..... other shows wasnt nice too.. SOoooo.. we went down to marina. SAME outcome also.. NIE NIE! lao niang leg pain liao.. so bo bian, just buy the tickets at marina lor..wondered why so many wanted to watch KING KONG.

anyway... we got this seat.
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notice the screen is at the right side of me? cos we sat the front second row, right at the corner. *pissed* bo bian.. no seat. so my neck became very "sour" lor..

Noticed that KING KONG and HARRY POTTER have the same star rating on ST (4/5 stars) while chicken little is 2 nia. budden hor.. KING KONG showtime is longer than HARRY POTTER de. KING KONG is 186 mins, bear that in mind.

Js came to meet us after he work to have dinner. then we went home by taxi. ku-ku.. suntec dont have taxi come in wan lehs.. all come in because on call le. arghs~ in the end we called for a taxi lor.. so tired le.. then next day dear have to work too..

reached home, i heard the group chao meng also known as grasshopper singing!! omg! i was so shock and wondering where it came from, then i realise it was xin shou xiang lian who invited them over to sing on tv. OMG! x2.. let me tell u all something, ive been a fan of them since young. but ever ince they became quiet in the music industry and started acting, it was a talent group gone to waste. im quite impressed that they so "old" le.. they still can sing and "dance" lehs.. somemore hairstyle and hair colour stylo stylo de. lols..

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dear came back from Penang and he bought my favourite dao sa bia. =D


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another pig!! EEwwww.. so cute!! irritable.
he is know as........

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tsk tsk

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Ms Madey off she goes to sleep le..

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